Couples and individuals wanting to think about their relationship are offered up to three meetings in which they can begin to explore their concerns and think about how best to proceed. Sometimes, a brief intervention may be all that is required. Other times, longer-term help may be recommended.

Brief Intervention

4Couples and individuals are offered a time-limited number of sessions in which to think about a particular issue. The length and frequency of sessions is negotiable and varies depending on individual circumstances. This kind of intervention is helpful for couples and individuals who wish to address a specific issue that is affecting the relationship, such as becoming parents for the first time or the arrival of another baby in the family; moving home; retirement; illness; bereavement; unemployment or financial problems; managing divorce, separation or the end of a long-term relationship

Couple Psychotherapy

3Couple Psychotherapy is an in-depth form of treatment involving regular sessions on a weekly basis, at the same time each week. Couple psychotherapy can last anything from six months to a more extended period of time, depending on the situation and therefore is best entered into as an open-ended process.. It is always preceded by a full assessment, as outlined under the section headed “Consultation” and both partners need to attend. The weekly sessions offer couples the opportunity to explore the issues that underlie their difficulties and to think about possible links between these current problems and previous experiences. Through this kind of exploration couples can begin to gain an understanding of how the difficulties have arisen and of the obstacles that get in the way of change.

Presenting problems include lack of communication, frequent arguments, loss of intimacy, difficulty in understanding each other’s perspective,  jealousy, loss of trust, feeling stuck in unhelpful patterns, general dissatisfaction with the relationship etc.