Psychotherapy offers a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space in which clients can explore past and present experiences to create or move forwards towards a new future. It enables and facilitates individual growth and development, leading to increased awareness and a greater degree of choice. Psychotherapy can strengthen appropriate, emotionally healthy family relationships and can be seen as a long-term investment because it encourages our potential for good mental health and emotional well-being throughout our lives.

Children and Adolescents and Parents

Children and AdolescentsFears, anxieties and general unhappiness can sometimes result in emotional/ behavioural difficulties that interfere with everyday functioning.  These difficulties may manifest themselves in school or in family/ peer relationships. Psychotherapy offers a secure setting where children and adolescents, through the relationship with the therapist, can begin to talk, think about and understand their anxieties, thoughts and feelings.  Young children tend to do this through play and drawing. Older children and adolescents tend to use language.

2 (2)The challenges of being a parent are often greatly underestimated. Each stage brings with it its own issues and certain times can be particularly trying. Adolescence, for example, is well known for the difficulties it presents both to parents and professionals. Younger children can be equally challenging. It can therefore be very helpful to be able to think with someone about the knotty issues that arise on a regular, day-to-day basis or about serious difficulties that may seem quite entrenched. Psychotherapeutic sessions offer parents the opportunity to

  • Understand and think about what lies behind external behaviour
  • Put themselves in the shoes of their child / adolescent
  • Help parents think about issues/situations/difficulties, and in this way
  • Help parents find their own effective way of dealing with their child / adolescent


couples-homeCouple Psychotherapy is an in-depth form of treatment that sees the relationship as the client. It offers the opportunity to think about the issues that underlie the current problems or concerns, exploring both the conscious and unconscious factors that may be contributing to the difficulties. These are sometimes connected to our own past experiences as individuals. Couple Therapy encourages an understanding of how the difficulties emerged, which can lead to improved communication, resulting in the possibility for change.

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